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The Future of Organizations
Workplace Issues and Practices

Editor: Arvind K. Birdie, PhD

The Future of Organizations

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Pub Date: April 2018
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Series: 21st Century Business Management
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This new book, The Future of Organizations: Workplace Issues and Practices, provides some valuable insights into how organizations are changing and evolving and how human resource personnel, employers, and employees are reacting to these emerging workplace transitions. Today’s successful organizations must be learning organizations in that they must keep abreast and change with the new workplace dynamics.

There are many new changes in today’s organizations. These include:

  • Younger generations of workers who don’t place much value on loyalty toward organizations in comparison to baby boomers and who believe more in working smarter than working harder.
  • Young entrepreneurs who are changing the face of the workplace, creating boundaryless, protean careers.
  • New concepts of flat structure for employers that are in demand for today’s business, especially today’s digital environment.
  • Today’s highly industrialized global service economy that requires new skills and new realities, such as multitasking, working 24x7, etc.
Many of these concepts are new and challenging for employers and employees, and there is very little qualitative and quantitative research available that has practical implications for policymakers and employers/leaders. This book helps to fill the gap. The volume explores the upcoming challenges and opportunities for employees and employers, particularly in orientation of service organizations in the 21st century. This book provides insights for implications and examines old theories of organizations in the light of changing concepts as well as emerging concepts. It explores many of these trends in conjunction with a focus on work-life balance, globalization, redefining leadership, contingent work force, stress management, telecommuting, work force diversity, ergonomics, life satisfaction/subjective well being, and more.

The volume will be of great use and interest for human research professionals and researchers, managers, workplace policymakers, entrepreneurs and others in many different fields.

Key features:
  • Provides empirical research from various interdisciplinary fields
  • Includes chapters from professionals in industry and from academia
  • Looks at workplace changes in conjunction with a focus on work-life balance, globalization, redefining leadership, contingent work force, stress management, telecommuting, work force diversity, ergonomics, life satisfaction/subjective well being, and more

1. Gearing Up for the Future: HR Transformations in the Manufacturing Sector
Manisha Saxena, Subrata Kumar Nandi, and Lokesh Saxena

2. Women and Adoption of Self-Service Banking : A Discriminant Analysis
Purva Kansal

3. Anti-Sexual Harassment Policies and HR Practices: Prevention and Preparation
Ruchi Joshi and Madhu Jain

4. Job Satisfaction in IT-Enabled Working Environments: Comparative Analysis Between Industries
Živa Veingerl Čič, Samo Bobek, and Vsimona Šarotar Žižek

5. Factors Influencing Changing of Employer by Hi-Tech Professionals in Technology Intensive Industries
Živa Veingerl Čič, Samo Bobek, and Simona Šarotar Žižek

6. Stress as an Inevitable Part of the Job: Present and Future: A Study of Occupational Stress Among Nurses, Office Clerks, and Teachers
Sheikh Abul Barkat and Girijesh Kumar Yadav

7. Knowledge Management to Learning to Innovation in Organizations: The Critical Role of Human Resources
Navdeep Kaur Kular

8. Creativity and Innovation: The Future of Organizations
Nandini Srivastava


About the Authors / Editors:
Editor: Arvind K. Birdie, PhD
Program Director PGDM, Vedatya Institute, IIMT School of Management (Oxford Brooks University), Gurgaon, India

Arvind K. Birdie, PhD, is Program Director, PGDM and Associate Professor at Vedatya Institute, Gurgaon, India. Dr. Arvind has been consistently recognized for her teaching abilities. For more than fourteen years she has taken post-graduate and graduate courses in management. As an avid reader, Dr. Birdie teaches various interdisciplinary subjects with equal ease. In addition to academic teaching and training, she has organized management development programs for corporate and academicians. She is a regular presenter at various international and national conferences, and she has published papers in refereed journals. Her areas of interest include leadership, work-life balance, virtual work, and positive psychology. She enjoys travelling and spending time with her family in free time.

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