Innovation Management and Computing

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NEW BOOK SERIES: Innovation Management and Computing
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SERIES EDITOR: Cyrus F. Nourani, PhD
Research Professor, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada; Academic R&D at Berlin, IMK Bonn, and Munich, Germany
E-mail: or or

Innovation is the generation and application of new ideas and skills to produce new products, processes, and services that improve economic and social prosperity. This book series aims to cover important issues in the burgeoning field of innovation management and computing, from an overview of the field to its current and future contributions. The volumes will be of value and interest to computer and cognitive scientists, economists, engineers, managers, mathematicians, programmers, and engineers.

The series is now seeking proposals for chapters on the topic of neurocognition, emotion recognition, and haptic. Contact Dr. Cyrus Nourani for additional information.

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Ecosystems and Technology
Ecosystems and Technology
Editor: Cyrus F. Nourani, PhD

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