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Apple Academic Press offers academic researchers, scientists, university faculty, and students high-quality reference and academic content on today’s important topics. Our authors and editors, from around the world, are experts in their fields.

Apple Academic Press, Inc., is an independent international publisher focusing on academic and professional books in STEM and other fields. With a focus on relevant content as well as first-class production, Apple Academic Press is dedicated to publishing cutting-edge, informative books written and edited by internationally renowned experts in their fields.

Covering fields from nanotechnology to agricultural technology and from hospitality and tourism to chemical engineering and computer science, Apple Academic Press is committed to publishing quality books.

Apple Academic Press was formed in 2008 and currently has offices in New Jersey and Canada. Apple Academic Press currently has almost 450 titles in print, with an additional 100+ in production now, and over 150 in the planning stages for 2018 and beyond. AAP titles are in print and in ebook format and are available through major ebook vendors.

Apple Academic Press has partnered with CRC Press, a member of the Taylor & Francis Group, for marketing and distribution worldwide. We are proud to be a member of the International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers.

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