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Global Biodiversity, Volume 1
Selected Countries in Asia

Editor: T. Pullaiah, PhD

Global Biodiversity, Volume 1

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Pub Date: August 2018
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This is the first volume in the new multi-volume set, Global Biodiversity. Each volume in this series aims to provide insightful information on the biodiversity of selected nations in particular regions. The volumes summarize the available data on both wild and cultivated plants, wild and domesticated animals, and microbes of the different nations.

Global Biodiversity, Volume 1: Selected Countries in Asia focuses on selected countries of Asia, providing an abundance of biodiversity information on Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, and Vietnam.

The first chapter in the volume provides an informative overview of what is biodiversity along with biogeographic classifications. It provides explanations of biodiversity patterns and species number; biodiversity conservation, protection, and international commitments and cooperation; biodiversity threats and drivers of change (such as human population growth, climate change, land use change); and the economics of biodiversity as well.

Each chapter featuring a different country, written by research scientists and conservationists, covers geographical status, ecosystem diversity, species diversity, genetic diversity, conservation efforts in that particular country. The authors provide statistical data on plants, animals, and microbes of that country along with genetic diversity with the focus on crop plants/cultivated plants and domesticated animals and their wild relatives. Endangered plants and animals and protected areas are discussed.

Other volumes in this series include coverage of selected countries in Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Australia.

The volumes will educate people about the wealth of biodiversity of different countries, filling the gaps in knowledge and conservation and encouraging conservation of this biodiversity and sustainable utilization. The volumes will be a rich resource for professors, biology teachers, researchers, scientists, students of biology, foresters, agricultural scientists, wild life managers, as well as botanical gardens, zoos, aquariums.

Key features:

  • Provides an overview of biodiversity
  • Explores the specific biodiversity information for selected countries in Asia
  • Features over 130 color photos
  • Reviews the threats to biodiversity in each region


1. Global Biodiversity Threats and Development Trends
Kjetil Bevanger

2. Biodiversity in Afghanistan
S. W. Breckle, I. C. Hedge, and M. D. Rafiqpoor

3. Biodiversity of Bangladesh
Sharif A. Mukul, Shekhar R. Biswas, and A. Z. M. Manzoor Rashid

4. Biodiversity in India
T. Pullaiah and Ramakrishna

5. Biodiversity of Indonesia
Irawati and Didik Widyatmoko

6. Biodiversity of Iran
M. M. Dehshiri

7. Biodiversity in Iraq
Nature Iraq

8. Biodiversity of Japan
Takafumi Ohsawa, Fumiko Nakao, and Tohru Nakashizuka

9. Biodiversity in Lebanon
Salma N. Talhouk, M. Itani, and M. Al-Zein

10. Biodiversity in Malaysia
A. Latiff

11. Biodiversity in Mongolia
Gombobaatar Sundev, Nathan Conaboy, Urgamal Magsar, Terbish Khayankhirvaa, and Gantigmaa Chuluunbaatar

12. Biodiversity in Myanmar
Naing Zaw Htun

13. Biodiversity of Nepal: An Overview
Krishna K. Shrestha and Siddhartha B. Bajracharya

14. Biodiversity of Vietnam
P. K. Loc and M. D. Yen Leonid Averyanov


About the Authors / Editors:
Editor: T. Pullaiah, PhD
Former Professor, Department of Botany, Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Andhra Pradesh, India

T. Pullaiah, PhD, is a former Professor at the Department of Botany at Sri Krishnadevaraya University in Andhra Pradesh, India, where he has taught for more than 35 years. He has held several positions at the university, including Dean, Faculty of Biosciences, Head of the Department of Botany, Head of the Department of Biotechnology, and Member Academic Senate. He was President of the Indian Botanical Society (2014), President of the Indian Association for Angiosperm Taxonomy (2013), and Fellow of the Andhra Pradesh Akademi of Sciences. He was awarded the Panchanan Maheswari Gold Medal, the Dr. G. Panigrahi Memorial Lecture Award of the Indian Botanical Society, the Prof. Y. D. Tyagi Gold Medal of the Indian Association for Angiosperm Taxonomy, and a Best Teacher Award from Government of Andhra Pradesh. Under his guidance 53 students obtained their doctoral degrees. He has authored 45 books, edited 15 books, and published over 300 research papers, including reviews and book chapters. His books include Flora of Eastern Ghats (4 volumes), Flora of Andhra Pradesh (5 volumes), Flora of Telangana (3 volumes), Encyclopedia of World Medicinal Plants (5 volumes), and Encyclopedia of Herbal Antioxidants (3 volumes). He was also a member of Species Survival Commission of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Professor Pullaiah received his PhD from Andhra University, India, attended Moscow State University, Russia, and worked as postdoctoral Fellow during 1976-78.

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