Best Practices for Education Professionals: Volume 2
Editors: Heidi L. Schnackenberg, PhD
Beverly A. Burnell, PhD

Best Practices for Education Professionals: Volume 2

Published. Now available.
Pub Date: October 2016
Hardback Price: $129.95 US
Hard ISBN: 9781771884129
E-Book ISBN: 9781771884136
Pages: 242 pp w index
Binding Type: hardback

This informative new volume provides a hand-picked selection of useful techniques, ideas, competencies, and skills for working with children in schools and school settings. The book is comprised of both research (qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-design) and conceptual pieces about the most effective, current professional practices for professionals who work with P-12 children in schools. The practices described here will be useful for a wide assortment of professionals within education, including practicing teachers, school counselors, school psychologists, speech language pathologists, administrators, as well as other school professionals and education students.

Following the success of the editors’ first volume, Best Practices for Education Professionals, which was the first of its kind, this volume provides a variety of new best practices. The newly researched and considered topics in this new volume contextualize best practices within present-day challenges. The book aims to inform readers and expand their horizons about the variety of emerging evidence-based professional practice in schools settings that are effective for teaching, counseling, mentoring, guiding, and nurturing students of all ages.

The book

  • presents best practices in the various fields of education
  • helps professors teaching courses in higher education to prepare individuals who work in schools settings
  • informs teachers, administrators, counselors, technologists, etc. working in schools settings
  • extends the concepts of best practices illustrated in the first edition of Best Practices for Education Professionals
  • helps to bring together the community of educational professionals and their various literature, rather than keeping them as distinct and somewhat unrelated
The field of education is constantly changing, and this new volume addresses that, focusing on best practices useful for a variety of professionals who work in school settings.

1. Who Knew? Best Practices: A Retrospective
Aline R. Bobys
2. The Method to My Madness: Using Humor and Silliness to Improve Learning
Jon Storslee and Heidi L. Schnackenberg
3. The Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood: One Community’s Attempt to Care for Its Youngest Members
Rebecca Boushie
4. Moving from Concrete to Abstract Understandings: Studying a Concept’s Development in-Context
Maureen Squires
5. Crossing the Barriers, Expanding Knowledge, Fostering Relationships: Teacher Preparation Partnering with Community Organizations
John Delport, Jamia Richmond, Nanci E. Howard, and Talya Kemper
6. Throwback Technologies: Interactive Whiteboards in Schools
Heidi L. Schnackenberg and Edwin Vega
7. At Your Service: A College at Work with its Community as a Means of Outreach and Mutual Enrichment
Kerri Zappala-Piemme and David Iasevoli
8. Resistance to Racism in the Social Studies: Reflections, Pedagogies, and Criticality
Emily Daniels
9. “But How Do I Know If It Is Authentic?” Examining Picture Books Representing Chinese Culture
Yong Yu
10. Power of the Heart and Limitations of Love: Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions of the Teaching Profession and Their Implications
Maureen Squires and Bradley Countermine

About the Authors / Editors:
Editors: Heidi L. Schnackenberg, PhD
Professor in Educational Technology, State University of New York at Plattsburgh, New York

Heidi Schnackenberg, PhD, is a Professor in Educational Technology in SUNY Plattsburgh’s Teacher Education Unit. She currently teaches both undergraduate and graduate classes on the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning in the P-12 classroom, social issues in education, ethical issues in educational technology, and childhood education courses as a member of one of the faculty cohorts in the BS program in Childhood Education. She previously taught in the graduate educational technology program at Concordia University, and worked as an instructional designer for both Intel and Motorola corporations. Her various research interests include the integration of technology into pedagogical practices, the legal and ethical implications of western technologies in non-Western and third-world cultures, and collaborative and cooperative learning strategies within student learning communities. Dr. Schnackenberg recently designed and developed an extensive MyEducationLabs online supplement for the book Foundations of American Education: Perspectives on Education in a Changing World (15th ed.) published by Pearson Higher Education Publishers. Dr. Schnackenberg began her education career as an elementary music teacher.

Beverly A. Burnell, PhD
Associate Professor in Counselor Education, State University of New York at Plattsburgh, New York

Beverly A. Burnell, PhD, is an Associate Professor in Counselor Education at SUNY Plattsburgh, and also serves as the Employee Assistance Coordinator for the campus. She teaches graduate students in the department’s three nationally accredited counseling programs, including school counseling. Some of her areas of professional focus have been career development in schools, professional roles and identity, ethical practice, cultural competence, and transition processes for students with disabilities. Dr. Burnell has been an active contributor to the design of nationally accredited graduate programs in teacher education and counselor education and coordinates the accreditation process for the Counselor Education Department. Dr. Burnell began her education career as a secondary mathematics teacher.

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