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Wilderness of Wildlife Tourism
Editor: Johra Kayeser Fatima, PhD

Wilderness of Wildlife Tourism

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Pub Date: May 2017
Hardback Price: $179.95 US
Hard ISBN: 9781771884815
E-Book ISBN: 978-1-315-36581-7
Pages: 310pp w/ Index
Binding Type: hardback
Series: Advances in Hospitality and Tourism
Notes: 2 color and 35 b/w illustrations

Wildlife tourism is a growing multimillion-dollar industry within the hospitality and tourism industry. Wildlife tourism, in its simplest sense, is the creation of tour packages for watching wild animals in their natural habitats, and is particularly important in African and South American countries, Australia, India, Canada, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Maldives, among others.

This new book, Wilderness of Wildlife Tourism, brings together the best voices in the field of wildlife tourism and provides a key understanding of the field. It explores many important aspects of wildlife to date with related implications for various sectors, such as technology, education, corporations, and policymaking.

The book provides detailed examples to provide readers with current issues, including

  • planning and development of wildlife tourism
  • assessment of recreational services of natural landscapes
  • destination marketing approaches for wildlife tourism
  • technology adoption for marketing and conservation
  • local residents’ attitude on wildlife tourism
  • economic valuation of wildlife tourism
  • the future of wildlife tourism

With a roster of international contributors, the book uses examples from excursions that include tigers, dolphins, birds, and more, in many areas of the world. The book makes an important contribution to research on wildlife tourism and its impact community development and conservation, especially in developing countries.

1. A Brief Consideration of Nature of Wildlife Tourism
David Newsome
2. Planning and Development of Wildlife Tourism in Bangladesh
Md. Ziaul Haque Howlader and Aparup Chowdhury
3. Assessment of Recreational Services of Natural Landscapes in Third World Tropics Using Travel Cost Method
Ruchi Badola, Syed Ainul Hussain, Pariva Dobriyal, Thounaojam Sanggai Leima, Amanat Kaur Gill, Aditi Dev, and Sneha Thapliyal
4. Destination Marketing Approaches for Wildlife Tourism
W. K. Athula C. Gnanapala
5. Wildlife Tourism: Technology Adoption for Marketing and Conservation
Azizul Hassan and Anukrati Sharma
6. The Analysis of Tourists Involvement in Regard to Dolphin Interactions at the Dolphin Discovery Centre, Bunbury, Western Australia
Li Cong, Diane Lee, David Newsome, and Bihu Wu
7. Social Preference of Local Communities towards Wildlife Tourism in the Indian Himalayas
Pariva Dobriyal, Ruchi Badola, and Syed Ainul Hussain
8. Local Residents Attitude on Wildlife Tourism: Support, Views, Barriers, and Public Engagement
Natalie King and Vikneswaran Nair
9. Contribution of Wildlife Tourism to Tiger Reserves in India
Bitapi C. Sinha
10. Managing Wildlife Tourism in Sri Lanka: Opportunities and Challenges
Jeremy Buultjens, Iraj Ratnayake, and Athula Chammika Gnanapala
11. Status and Prospects for the Future of Wildlife Tourism in Bangladesh
Md. Golam Rabbi
12. The Influence of Ecological Attributes and Motivations on Wildlife Tourism: The Case of Birdwatching in Banderas Bay, Mexico
V. S. Avila-Foucat, A. Sanchez-Vargas, and A. Aguilar Ibarra
13. Economic Valuation of Wildlife Tourism: ‘Contingent Valuation Method’
Rathnayake Mudiyanselage Wasantha Rathnayake
14. Relationship between Tourists’ Expectation and Perception of Wildlife Tourism Areas: Evidence from West Bengal, India
Debasish Batabyal and Nilanjan Ray
15. World Around Wildlife Tourism
Jorha K. Fatima and Mahmood M. Khan

About the Authors / Editors:
Editor: Johra Kayeser Fatima, PhD
Sessional Lecturer, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Johra Kayeser Fatima, PhD, is currently teaching at Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. Dr. Fatima regularly speaks at academic conferences around the world and shares her views on various research themes, such as sustainable tourism, tourism for economic development, relationship marketing, and services marketing. She has published articles in several prestigious journals, including Tourism Analysis, Environmental Education Research, International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management, Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistic, and Social Responsibility Journal. As a key research team member, she also worked at various research institutes, including the Centre for Sustainable and Responsible Organizations, Deakin University, Australia; and the Centre for Economic and Health Convergence, McGill University, Canada. Dr. Fatima currently is a member of the American Association for Women in Higher Education, USA. She completed her PhD from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. She has more than 10 years of experience of teaching business courses in Australia and overseas at several tourism-based schools globally, in particular in Bangladesh and Australia.

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