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Urban Horticulture
Ecology, Landscape, and Agriculture

Editor: J. Blum, PhD

Urban Horticulture

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Pub Date: June 2016
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This title includes a number of Open Access chapters.

Urban Horticulture, referring to the study and cultivation of vegetation in built environments, is gaining more attention as the world rapidly urbanizes and cities expand. While plants have been grown in urban areas for millennia, it is now recognized that they not only provide food, ornament, and recreation, but also supply invaluable ecological services that help mitigate potentially negative impacts of urban ecosystems, and thus increase the livability of cities.

This compendium, Urban Horticulture: Ecology, Landscape and Agriculture, provides background on key issues in this growing field. The first section introduces ecological landscaping, providing a holistic framework for understanding urban landscapes and horticultural practices, both ornamental and agricultural. The complexity of the field is further illustrated by two different approaches to sustainable ornamental landscape design. The second section examines urban soil and water and their essential roles in regulating and supporting horticultural ecosystem services on which urban populations depend. The third part focuses on pollination, and the importance of urban areas and horticultural practice to this vital service. The fourth section concerns the often overlooked area of domestic gardens and their influence on urban horticulture, and employs community gardens to explore the multi-faceted educational experience they provide, and its adaptability to other socio-ecological contexts.

The editor, an experienced multidisciplinary urban planning and policy researcher, has selected studies that will be essential to urban planners, horticulturalists, and residents of cities, as well for all those interested in enhancing urban living through horticulture.

Part I: Urban Horticulture and Ecological Landscaping
1.Introduction to Ecological Landscaping: A Holistic Description and Framework to Guide the Study and Management of Urban Landscape Parcels
Loren B. Byrne and Parwinder Grewal
2. New Approaches to Ecologically Based, Designed Urban Plant Communities in Britain: Do These Have Any Relevance in the United States?
James Hitchmough

Part II: Urban Soil and Water
3. Urban Cultivation in Allotments Maintains Soil Qualities Adversely Affected by Conventional Agriculture
Jill L. Edmondson, Zoe G. Davies, Kevin J. Gaston, and Jonathan R. Leak
4. Lead Levels in Urban Gardens
Annie King, Peter Green, Guadalupe Pena, Wendy Chen, and Louis Schuetter
5. Urban Community Gardeners’ Knowledge and Perceptions of Soil Contaminant Risks
Brent F. Kim, Melissa N. Poulsen, Jared D. Margulies, Katie L. Dix, Anne M. Palmer, and Keeve E. Nachman
6. Sustainable Water Management for Urban Agriculture, Gardens and Public Open Space Irrigation: A Case Study in Perth
Raju Sharma Dhakal, Geoff Syme, Edward Andre, and Charles Sabato

Part III: Urban Pollination
7. Where Is the UK’s Pollinator Biodiversity? The Importance of Urban Areas for Flower Visiting Insects
Katherine C. R. Baldock, Mark A. Goddard, Damien M. Hicks, William E. Kunin,
Nadine Mitschunas, Lynne M. Osgathorpe, Simon G. Potts, Kirsty M. Robertson, Anna V. Scott, Graham N. Stone, Ian P. Vaughan, and Jane Memmott

8. The Influence of Garden Size and Floral Cover on Pollen Deposition in Urban Community Gardens
Peter A. Werrell, Gail A. Langellotto, Shannon U. Morath, and Kevin C. Matteson
9. Bumble Bee Abundance in New York City Community Gardens: Implications for Urban Agriculture
Kevin C. Matteson and Gail A. Langellotto
10. Modification of a Community Garden to Attract Native Bee Pollinators in Urban San Luis Obispo, California
Jaime C. Pawelek, Gordon W. Frankie, Robbin W. Thorp, and Maggie Przybylski

Part IV: Urban Home and Community Gardening
11. Urban Home Gardens in the Global North: A Mixed Methods Study of Ethnic and Migrant Home Gardens in Chicago, IL
John R. Taylor and Sarah Taylor Lovell
12. Community Gardens as Contexts for Science, Stewardship, and Civic Action Learning
Marianne E. Krasny and Keith G. Tidball


About the Authors / Editors:
Editor: J. Blum, PhD
Independent Multidisciplinary Urban Planning & Policy Researcher

J. Blum, PhD, has a background in biology as well as urban and environmental policy and planning. Her experience in education, field work, research, evaluation, and project coordination is diverse, and includes biotechnology, food systems and urban agriculture, affordable housing policy, and small-scale economic development. She has studied or worked in educational, non-profit and for-profit environments in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

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