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Urban Forests
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Editor: J. Blum, PhD

Urban Forests

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Pub Date: July 2016
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This title includes a number of Open Access chapters.

Urban trees have long been appreciated for their aesthetic appeal but are increasingly valued as a means of mitigating the considerable human and environmental health problems associated with rapidly urbanizing areas. The range of benefits or “ecosystem services” that trees bestow on city-dwellers includes: air purification, carbon sequestration, temperature regulation, noise reduction, storm water management, and recreational opportunities.

This research compendium focuses on urban forestry research and management, while also considering the sociological and community aspects.

The book looks at
• the benefits of urban forests with respect to urban sustainability and human health
• issues related to expanding the urban tree canopy
• managing urban forests in a community context
• improving our understanding of urban forests through research and practice

Topics include both planting and care of urban trees, techniques for minimizing costs and for collective strategizing, a software application that models urban air
quality and climate regulation in a major city, correlation between tree cover and health perception, and much more. Associated quantitative and qualitative analytical tools are found throughout the volume, with their advantages or drawbacks discussed in the relevant chapters. While most of the research reports on various urban tree-planting programs in Europe and North America (such as southern California, New York City, Spain, Baltimore, UK), the research is applicable globally.

The contributors come from diverse areas of practice and academia, including the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation; Yale University School of Architecture, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies; the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology of Barclona, Spain; the USDA Forest Service; the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences at University of Sheffield, UK, to name a few. The research provided in this compendium will be valuable to city and urban/campus planners, environmental scientists, parks and recreation professionals, and many others concerned about enhancing the health of city-dwellers through municipal forestry.

Part I: The Benefits of Urban Forests
1. Contribution of Ecosystem Services to Air Quality and Climate Change Mitigation Policies: The Case of Urban Forests in Barcelona, Spain
Francesc Baró, Lydia Chaparro, Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Johannes Langemeyer, David J. Nowak, and Jaume Terradas
2. Modelling Short-Rotation Coppice and Tree Planting for Urban
Carbon Management—A Citywide Analysis
Nicola McHugh, Jill L. Edmondson, Kevin J. Gaston, Jonathan R. Leake, and Odhran S. O'Sullivan
3. Neighborhood Greenspace and Health in a Large Urban Center
Omid Kardan, Peter Gozdyra, Bratislav Misic, Faisal Moola, Lyle J. Palmer, Tomáš Paus, and Marc G. Berman

Part II: Expanding the Urban Tree Canopy
4. Public Reactions to New Street Tree Planting
Ruth A. Rae, Gabriel Simon, and Jessie Braden
5. It’s Not Easy Going Green: Obstacles to Tree-Planting Programs in East Baltimore
Michael Battaglia, Geoffrey L. Buckley, Michael Galvin, and Morgan Grove

Part III: Managing Urban Forests
6. A Protocol for Citizen Science Monitoring of Recently-Planted Urban Trees
Jessica M. Vogt and Burnell C. Fischer

Part IV: Improving Our Understanding of Urban Forests
7. 110 Years of Change in Urban Tree Stocks and Associated
Carbon Storage
Daniel F. Díaz-Porras, Kevin J. Gaston, and Karl L. Evans
8. Biological, Social, and Urban Design Factors Affecting Young Street Tree Mortality in New York City
Jacqueline W.T. Lu, Erika S. Svendsen, Lindsay K. Campbell, Jennifer Greenfeld,
Jessie Braden, Kristen L. King, and Nancy Falxa-Raymond

9. Tree Diversity in Southern California's Urban Forest: The Interacting Roles of Social and Environmental Variables
Meghan L. Avolio, Diane E. Pataki, Thomas W. Gillespie, G. Darrel Jenerette, Heather R. McCarthy, Stephanie Pincetl, and Lorraine Weller Clarke
10. Assessing the Effects of the Urban Forest Restoration Effort of MillionTreesNYC on the Structure and Functioning of New York City Ecosystems
P. Timon McPhearson, Michael Feller, Alexander Felson, Richard Karty, Jacqueline W.T. Lu, Matthew I. Palmer, and Tim Wenskus

About the Authors / Editors:
Editor: J. Blum, PhD
Independent Multidisciplinary Urban Planning & Policy Researcher

J. Blum, PhD, has a background in biology as well as urban and environmental policy and planning. Her experience in education, field work, research, evaluation, and project coordination is diverse, and includes biotechnology, food systems and urban agriculture, affordable housing policy, and small-scale economic development. She has studied or worked in educational, non-profit and for-profit environments in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

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