Agriculture & Allied Sciences

The Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Agriculture and Allied Sciences
Editor: Chandan Roy, PhD

The Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Agriculture and Allied Sciences

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Pub Date: June, 2018
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This volume, The Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Agriculture and Allied Sciences, provides a basic understanding of the different forms of intellectual property rights in agricultural science. It provides an abundance of information on the use of IP laws in agriculture and allied subjects and their proper implementation in real-life practice. The chapter authors discuss different kinds of IP laws and their current status in developed as well as developing countries throughout the world.

The protection of biological resources is crucial for food security for future generations. Biological resources are the source of several important genes. Researchers are concerned about the development of plant varieties that can increase crop production, withstand dramatic climatic changes, etc. Protecting intellectual property rights in plant varieties and rights of farmers and others are discussed in this volume. It also looks at new trends and developments in the field involving new IP strategies and the application of IP laws in agriculture and biotechnology and in the management of plant genetic resources.

In the past, it was considered that plant genetic resources evolved naturally and were a "common heritage of mankind." Recently, however, the TRIPS (Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) agreement under the WTO and Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) have granted sovereign rights on biological resources to member countries, leading to some complex challenges.

The information shared in this volume IPR in agriculture will help to bring this important subject into the limelight for scientists, researchers, conservators, students, and farmers. It will help to keep professionals, scientists, researchers, and others abreast of the IPR laws and their proper implementation in agriculture and other related subjects.

Topics include:

  • IPR in agriculture and its prospects
  • protecting plant breeders' rights
  • farmers' right and privileges
  • patenting of microbiological and biotechnological inventions


1. IPR in Agriculture and Its Prospects
Anjan Sen

2. Biodiversity Conservation and Agricultural Intensification in India through Integration of IPR
Sujit Kumar and Seweta Srivastava

3. Application of IPR to Conserve Global Genetic Resources for Commons
Kumari Rajani, Ganesh Patil, Ravi Ranjan Kumar, Tushar Ranjan, Santosh Kumar, and Arun Kumar

4. Traditional Knowledge and Its Promotion through Providing Legal Rights
Kumari Rajani, Tushar Ranjan, Ravi Ranjan Kumar, Ganesh Patil, Mahesh Kumar, Jitesh Kumar, and Mukesh Kumar

5. Protecting Plant Breeders' Rights in Agricultural Research and Development
Hillary Mireku Bortey and Stephen Amoah

6. Farmers' Right and Privilege: Implication for the Farming Community
Arpita Das, Bholanath Saha, P. K. Bhattacharya, and Anita Roy

7. Patenting of Microbiological and Biotechnological Inventions: Global and Indian Scenario
Renu, Abhishekparashar, Sanjay Kumar Gupta, Pramod Kumar Sahu, Upasanasahu, Hardesh Kumar, Khan Mohammad Sarim, Arvind Gupta, and Pawan Kumar Sharma

8. Geographical Indications in Indian Agriculture
R. C. Chaudhary

9. Protecting Non-Basmati Indigenous Aromatic Rice Varieties of West Bengal, India, under Geographical Indication: A Critical Consideration
Koushik Roy, Anirban Mukherjee, Aniruddha Maity, Kumari Shubha, and Arindam Nag

10. An Agricultural Perspective on Patentability of Genes
Ravi S. Singh, Chandan Roy, Tribhuwan Kumar, Chandra S. Prabhaker, Ujjwal Kumar, and Prabhash K. Singh

11. Awareness Generation, Scope and Scenario of Intellectual Property Rights in Agriculture
Ajeet Kumar


About the Authors / Editors:
Editor: Chandan Roy, PhD
Assistant Professor-cum-Junior Scientist, Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour, Bhagalpur, India

Chandan Roy, PhD, is an Assistant Professor-cum-Junior Scientist in the Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour, Bhagalpur, India. He is the author of two books, two book chapters, more than 12 peer-reviewed journal research papers, and six articles, and he has presented research findings at more than 10 seminar/symposia. Presently he is the In-Charge of Intellectual Property Right Cell of Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour, as well as the university's Nodal Officer of the national-level program on PPV&FRA-2001 (Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers' Rights Act, 2001). He has delivered lectures on different aspects of international property rights (IPR) at state- and national-level institutes. He has also conducted a national conference on IPR in agriculture. In addition, he is engaged in an awareness generation program among the farmers of Bihar, India, regarding farmers' rights; he has trained more than 3500 farmers regarding IPR and framers' rights. Dr. Roy is a member of the national-level expert committee on registration of essentially derived varieties (EDVs) under the PPV&FR Act 2001, Government of India. He is also a member of Prioritization, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Cell of the university extension and training group. Dr. Roy is also engaged in teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students and directs research activities in the wheat and cauliflower improvement program.

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