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Synopsis of Sleep Medicine
Editor: S. R. Pandi-Perumal

Synopsis of Sleep Medicine

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Pub Date: September 2016
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Hard ISBN: 9781771883467
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Here is a unique resource that provides a comprehensive and highly readable summary of the basic concepts and clinical applications in sleep medicine, written for all professionals involved in health care.

Sleep medicine encompasses an unusually board spectrum of contributions from biology, technology, and medicine. This volume summarizes the considerable mass of knowledge that has been accumulated in the field and imparts its major findings in a manner that is comprehensive yet not overwhelming. Edited by an eminent sleep researcher and with contributions from leading experts in the field, the volume provides a basic grounding in sleep medicine and covers the fascinating complexity of the field. It separates figure from ground for those who are newcomers to the field and who are seeking guideposts for further research.

Sleep problems are frequently co-morbid with other medical conditions, and clinicians need to be alert to this interconnectedness and to recognize which difficulties are primary and which are not. Synoposis of Sleep Medicine will be a valuable tool for clinicians in many specialties for addressing diagnostic problems in sleep medicine.

Outstanding features:

  • provides an overview of sleep medicine in general practice
  • offers easy-to-read and focused discussions of key issues in the evaluation and management of sleep disorders
  • describes the mechanisms that underlie sleep and circadian rhythms, and especially how these explain treatment approaches
  • discusses proven strategies for optimizing results for difficult-to-treat patients with sleep and rhythm disturbances
  • answers common questions related to treatment issues in a brief and readable format
  • addresses the major areas of research and is simultaneously an up-to-date resource
  • includes reference sections that provide a rich resource for additional information
The volume is the first of its kind, rich yet comprehensive and focused and one that is sure to meet the needs of both basic and clinical research for some years to come.

1. Neuroanatomy and Neuropharmacology of Sleep and Wakefulness
Pablo Torterolo, Jaime M. Monti, and Seithikurippu Pandi Perumal
2. Neuroendocrinology of Sleep and Wakefulness
Georges Copinschi
3. Neuroimmune Aspects of Sleep and Wakefulness
Adriano Zager and João Palermo-Neto
4. Epidemiology of Sleep Disorders
Irina Trosman and Anna Ivanenko
5. Current Classifications of the Sleep Disorders
Michael Thorpy
6. The Clinical Approach to the Patient with Sleep Disorders
Ridhwan Y. Baba, Imran M. Ahmed, Shelby Harris, Michael J. Thorpy
7. Melatonin Signaling as a Link Between Sleep and Circadian Biology: Practical Implications
Daniel P. Cardinalia and Gregory M. Brown
8. Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders
Lenise Jihe Kim, Sergio Tufik, and Monica Levy Andersen
9. Pharmacological Management of Insomnia
David N. Neubauer, Kenneth Buttoo, and S. R. Pandi-Perumal
10. Non-Pharmacological Management of Insomnia
Matthew Ebben and Forrest Armstrong
11. Sleep and Its Disorders in Women
Hrayr Attarian
12. Sleep and Anxiety Disorders
Malcolm Lader
13. Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders in Adults
Shaden O. Qasrawi, Ruwaida N. Al Ismaili, S. R. Pandi-Perumal, and Ahmed S. Bahammam
14. Surgical Options for Sleep Apnea
Adriana Martin, Tomasz Rogula, and Philip R. Schauer
15. Sleep and Chronic Kidney Disease
Camila Hirotsu, Sergio Tufik, and Monica Levy Andersen
16. Sleep Disorders in Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia
Luciano Ribeiro Pinto Junior and Andrea Frota Bacelar Rêgo
17. Narcolepsy
Lawrence Scrima and Todd J. Swick
18. Fatigue Management
Tatyana Mollayeva and Colin M Shapiro
19. Forensic and Legal Aspects of Sleep Medicine
Kenneth Buttoo and Christian Guilleminault
20. Sleep and Dermatology
Camila Hirotsu, Rachel Gimenes Albuquerque, Sergio Tufik, and Monica Levy Andersen
21. Asthma and Sleep
Nahid Sherbini, Abdullah AL-Harbi, Mohammad Khan, and Hamdan Al-Jahdali
22. Sensory Processing in Sleep: An Approach from Animal to Human Data
Marisa Pedemonte, Eduardo Medina-Ferret, and Ricardo A. Velluti
23. Sleep in the Elderly: Normal and Abnormal
Adam B. Hernandez and Steven H. Feinsilver
24. Synopsis of Sleep in Infants, Children, and Adolescents
Margeaux M. Schade, Christopher E. Bauer, Colleen N. Warren, and Hawley E. Montgomery-Downs
25. Polysomnography I: Procedure and Technology
Ahmed S. Bahammam, Divinagracia E. Gacuan, Smitha George, Karen Lorraine Acosta, S. R. Pandi-Perumal, and Ravi Gupta
26. Polysomnography II: Scoring
Ahmed S. Bahammam, Divinagracia E. Gacuan, Smitha George, Karen Lorraine Acosta, S. R. Pandi-Perumal, and Ravi Gupta

About the Authors / Editors:
Editor: S. R. Pandi-Perumal
President and Chief Executive Officer, Somnogen Canada Inc, Toronto, Canada

S. R. Pandi-Perumal is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Somnogen Canada Inc., a Canadian corporation. A well-recognized sleep researcher both nationally and internationally, he has authored over 100 publications in the field of sleep and biological rhythms and has edited nearly 25 volumes related to sleep and biological rhythms research. His general area of research interest includes sleep and biological rhythms. He had an honorable mention in the New York Times in 2004, and the India International Friendship Society awarded him the Bharat Gaurav Award in 2013. Further details about his academic credentials can be found at

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