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Sustainable Soil Management
Editor: Deirdre Rooney, PhD

Sustainable Soil Management

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Pub Date: April 2013
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Hard ISBN: 9781926895215
Pages: 246pp
Binding Type: hardcover

This title includes a number of Open Access chapters.

Soil is one of our most precious natural resources, providing a range of ecosystem functions and services, while supporting huge biodiversity. In this new book, the focus is on soil management for agriculture and the environment. Changing land-use practices and the role of soil biological diversity has been a major focus of soil science research over the past couple of decades, a trend that is likely to continue. The information presented in this book point to a holistic approach to soil management. The first part of the book looks at the land use effects on soil carbon storage, which considers how a range of factors include carbon sequestration in soils. The second part of the book presents research investigating the interactions between soil properties, plant species, and the soil biota.

Soil Science Management highlights some of the most important contemporary issues concerning land management, nutrient cycling, and soil carbon and leads to more holistic approaches to sustainable land management in the future.

Section 1: Land Use Effects on Soil Carbon Storage
Chapter 1: Carbon Storage in Southeastern Nigeria
Chapter 2: Soil and Tillage Management in the Northwest Great Plains
Chapter 3: Biochar: Carbon Mitigation from the Ground Up
Chapter 4: Tropical Litterfall and CO2 in the Atmosphere
Chapter 5: Altitudinal Variations in Soil Carbon
Chapter 6: Carbon Pool Dynamics in Russia’s Sandy Soils
Section 2: Soil Biotic Interactions
Chapter 7: Tropical Earthworms
Chapter 8: Urban Green Waste Vermicompost
Chapter 9: Earthworms and Nitrous Oxide Emissions
Chapter 10: Bacterial Communities’ Response to Nitrogen, Lime, and Plants
Chapter 11: Earthworms, Soil Properties, and Plant Growth
Chapter 12: Organic vs. Conventional Strawberry Agroecosystems

About the Authors / Editors:
Editor: Deirdre Rooney, PhD
Lecturer, Environmental and Biological Sciences, Askham Byran College, York, United Kingdom

Dr. Deirdre Rooney is currently employed in the agriculture department at Askham Bryan College, York (UK) as a lecturer in environmental and biological sciences. She graduated from University College Dublin with a BSc (Honours) in botany and subsequently completed a PhD in the field of microbial ecology, investigating soil nitrogen dynamics in grassland ecosystems. She has since carried out further research in soil microbiology, with a specific focus on plant-soil interactions, including those of soil bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi.

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