Food Chemistry & Science

Research Methodology in Food Sciences
Integrated Theory and Practice

Editors: C. O. Mohan, PhD
Elizabeth Carvajal-Millan, PhD
C. N. Ravishankar, PhD

Research Methodology in Food Sciences

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Pub Date: May 2018
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This new book, Research Methodology in Food Sciences: Integrated Theory and Practice, is a rich resource on recent research innovations in the field of food processing and food engineering. Chapters are written by eminent researchers in the field of food science and provide in-depth knowledge on the application of engineering aspects in food processing, food packaging, food quality, and food safety.

The book looks at the latest nanotechnology aspects for the detection of foodborne pathogens to ensure safety with respect to these pathogens. It provides detailed kinetics of quality and safety aspects of food and goes on to discuss the characteristics of edible films prepared from plasticized guar gum. Other topics include the production of novel biomolecules and their characterization, the microstructural properties of arabionoxylan aerogels, the antioxidant activity of oats harvested from draught area, the effect of quercetin isolated from Enicostemma littorale against cancer targets, the latest trends in production of ethanol and fructo-oligosachharides, and much more.

Other topics include:

  • the production of novel biomolecules and their characterization
  • the effect of calcium on the gelation of pectins prepared from chickpea
  • bio-functional peptides in food processing
  • applications of guar gum for industrial purposes
  • production of ethanol using palm plantation biomass waste
  • high-pressure applications for preservation of fish and fishery products
The research in this volume will be of interest and value to academicians, researchers, and industry professionals as well as for upper-level students in food process engineering.


1. Nanotechnology for Pathogen Detection and Food Safety
Pankaj Kishore, Satyen K. Panda, V. A. Minimol, C. O. Mohan, and C. N. Ravishankar

2. Water Vapor Permeability, Mechanical, Optical, and Sensorial Properties of Plasticized Guar Gum Edible Films
Xochitl Ruelas Chacon, Juan Carlos Contreras Esquivel, Julio Montañez, Antonio Francisco Aguilera Carbo, Maria De La Luz Reyes Vega, Rene Dario Peralta Rodriguez, and Gabriela Sanchez Brambila

3. Foodborne Parasites: One Health Perspective
K. Porteen, S. Wilfred Ruban, and Nithya Quintoil

4. Effect of Calcium Content on the Gelation of Low Methoxy Chickpea Pectin
V. Urias-Orona, A. Rascón-Chu, J. Márquez-Escalante, K. G. Martínez-Robinson, and A. C. Campa-Mada

5. Antioxidant Activity and Gelling Capability of Β-Glucan from a Drought Harvested Oat
Nancy Ramírez-Chavez, Juan Salmerón-Zamora, Elizabeth Carvajal-Millan, Karla Martínez-Robinson, Ramona Pérez-Leal, and Agustin Rascón-Chu

6. Microstructure and Swelling of Wheat Water Extractable Arabinoxylan Aerogels
Jorge A. Marquez-Escalante

7. Assessment of Quercetin Isolated from Enicostemma littorale against Few Cancer Targets: An In Silico Approach
R. Sathish Kumar

8. Trends in Production of Ethanol Using Palm Plantation Biomass Waste in Indonesia
Teuku Beuna Bardant, Heru Susanto, and Ina Winarni

9. Current Trends in the Biotechnological Production Fructooligosaccharides
Orlando De La Rosa, Diana B. Muñiz-Márquez, Jorge E. Wong-Paz, Raúl Rodríguez, Rosa Ma. Rodríguez, Juan C. Contreras, and Cristóbal Aguilar

10. Bio-Functional Peptides: Biologically Activities, Production, and Applications
Gloria Alicia Martínez-Medina, Arely Prado-Barragán, José L. Martínez, Héctor Ruiz, Rosa Ma. Rodríguez, Juan C. Contreras, and Cristóbal N. Aguilar

11. Guar Gum as a Promising Hydrocolloid: Properties and Industry Overview
Cecilia Castro-López, Juan C. Contreras-Esquivel, Guillermo C. G. Martinez-Avila, Romeo Rojas, Daniel Boone-Villa, Cristóbal N. Aguilar, and Janeth M. Ventura-Sobrevilla

12. Whey Protein Based Edible Films: Progress and Prospects
Olga B. Alvarez-Pérez, Raúl Rodríguez-Herrera, Rosa M. Rodríguez-Jasso, Romeo Rojas, Miguel A. Aguilar-González, and Cristóbal N. Aguilar

13. Grafted Cinnamic Acid: A Novel Material for Sugarcane Juice Clarification
Priti Rani, Pinki Pal, Sumit Mishra, Jay Prakash Pandey, and Gautam Sen

14. Fish Mince and Surimi Processing: New Trends and Development
L. N. Murthy, G. P. Girija, C. O. Mohan, and C. N. Ravishankar

15. High Pressure Applications for Preservation of Fish and Fishery Products
Bindu J and Sanjoy Das


About the Authors / Editors:
Editors: C. O. Mohan, PhD
Scientist, Fish Processing Division, Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (Indian Council of Agricultural Research), Willingdon Island, Kochi, Kerala, India

C. O. Mohan, PhD, is currently a Scientist at the Fish Processing Division of the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (Indian Council of Agricultural Research), in Willingdon Island, Kochi, Kerala, India. Dr. Mohan is from the historic place of Chitradurga of Karnataka, India. He graduated in fisheries sciences from the College of Fisheries, Mangalore, Karnataka. During his master’s and PhD studies, he specialized in fish processing technology at the ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Deemed University, Mumbai, India. His areas of interest are thermal processing and active and intelligent packaging. He has guided many postdoctoral students and has published in many reputed national and international journals. He has an h-index of 8.0. He has been awarded with the Jawaharlal Nehru Award for his doctoral thesis research from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi.

Elizabeth Carvajal-Millan, PhD
Research Scientist, Research Center for Food and Development (CIAD), Hermosillo, Mexico

Elizabeth Carvajal-Millan, PhD, is a Research Scientist at the Research Center for Food and Development (CIAD) in Hermosillo, Mexico, since 2005. She obtained her PhD in France at Ecole Nationale Supérieure Agronomique à Montpellier (ENSAM), her MSc degree at CIAD, and undergraduate degree at the University of Sonora in Mexico. Her research interests are focused on biopolymers, mainly in the extraction and characterization of high-value-added polysaccharides from co-products recovered from the food industry and agriculture, especially ferulated arabinoxylans. In particular, Dr. Carvajal-Millan studies covalent arabinoxylans gels as functional systems for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Globally, Dr. Carvajal-Millan is a pioneer in in vitro and in vivo studies on covalent arabinoxylans gels as carriers for oral insulin focused on the treatment of diabetes type 1. She has published 57 refereed papers, 23 chapters in books, over 80 conference presentations, one patent registered, and two more submitted.

C. N. Ravishankar, PhD
Director, ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT), Cochin, India

C. N. Ravishankar, PhD is at present the Director of ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) in Cochin, India. He completed his graduate studies in fisheries sciences and specialized in fish processing technology during his master’s and PhD degrees from the College of Fisheries, Mangalore, Karnataka, India. He is an expert in the field of fish processing and packaging, and he has developed, popularized, and transferred many technologies to the seafood industry. He participated in the First Indian Antarctic Expedition and traveled abroad widely for training and consultancy programs. He has more than 200 international and national publications to his credit, and he has an h-index of 15.0 and has filed 17 patents. He received the Outstanding Team Research Award in the field of fish products technology from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, and the K. Chidambaram Memorial Award from the Fisheries Technocrats Forum as well as a Gold Medal for his PhD work and a Merit Certificate from the Royal Institute of Public Health & Hygiene, London. He was instrumental in establishing the Business Incubation Centre with office and pilot plant facility for the entrepreneurship development in fish and other food products. In addition to his many other activities, he has delivered numerous invited talks on fish preservation techniques, food packaging, business incubation, and other related areas.

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