Quantum Mechanics
Axiomatic Theory with Modern Applications

Nelson Bolivar, PhD
Gabriel Abellan

Quantum Mechanics

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Pub Date: March 2018
Hardback Price: $159.95 US
Hard ISBN: 9781771886918
E-Book ISBN: 9781351166287
Pages: Approx 350p w/Index
Binding Type: hardback
Notes: 35 color and 40 b/w illustrations

This new book, Quantum Mechanics: Axiomatic Theory with Modern Applications, will act as a guide through the various aspects of quantum mechanics. It not only involves the basics but also addresses new themes developed in the field in recent years. These include quantum mechanics in relation to electronics, as in quantum dots, spintronics, cryptography, and other more theoretical aspects such as path integral formulation and supersymmetric quantum mechanics.

The volume presents a number of mathematical tools and physical consequences derived from quantum mechanics axiomatic. The starting point of the volume is a very brief review of the phenomenology associated with the origins of quantum theory, as the branch of science was understood in the beginning of the 20th century, leading to an interpretation of the results at that time.

Key features:

  • Provides understanding and demystification of the quantum theory
  • Presents applications to information theory and encryption
  • Introduces applications to medicine, in both treatment and diagnosis
  • Covers applications to modern communications systems.
  • Looks at philosophical implications of quantum mechanics, its reality and its perception
  • Describes the application to the basics of solid state devices


1. Superposition Principle Waves

2. The Wave Function: Expectations, Values, and Uncertainty

3. The SchrÖdinger Equation

4. Quantum Axiomatics

5. Quantum Measurements

6. Path Integral Formulation of Quantum Mechanics

7. Supersymmetry in Quantum Mechanics

8. Quantum Persistent Currents

9. Cryptography and Quantum Mechanics

10. Non-Equilibrium Quantum Mechanics

11. Introductory Spintronics

12. Quantum Dots

13. Magnetic Resonance

14. Introductory Theory of Scattering

15. Introduction to Quantum Hall Effect


About the Authors / Editors:
Nelson Bolivar, PhD
Physics Professor, Physics Department, Universidad Central de Venezuela

Nelson Boliva, PhD, is currently a Physics Professor in the Physics Department at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, where he has been teaching since 2007. His interests include quantum field theory applied in condensed matter and AdS/CMT duality. He obtained his PhD in physics from the Université de Lorraine (France) in 2014 in a joint PhD with the Universidad Central de Venezuela. His BSc in physics is from the Universidad Central de Venezuela.

Gabriel Abellan
Physics Professor, Physics Department, Universidad Central de Venezuela

Gabriel Abellán is a Professor of Physics in the Physics Department at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. He has taught several courses since 2013, including Classical Mechanics, Waves and Optics, and Statistical Physics, among others. He received his BS degree at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and is currently doing his doctorate research under Professor Nelson Bolivar’s supervision. Professor Abellán has collaborated with Santillana Publishers (Venezuela) in the writing, revision, and correction of several physics books used in high school education. His current interests are thermal field theories, gauge-gravity duality, and relationships between the theory of dynamical systems and quantum field theory, particularly regarding some aspects of renormalization.

Professor Gabriel Abellán is an active science communicator and writes an informal blog about general science curiosities. In addition, he also conducts the choir of the Science Faculty at the Universidad Central de Venezuela that performs regularly in Caracas.

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