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Market, Government, and Community Failures in Safety Health Systems
A Case Study of the Second Market Failure

David B. Tataw, PhD

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Market, Government, and Community Failures in Safety Health Systems

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This book illustrates how the pursuit of market-driven federal health policy triggers local government failure and a second market failure at the community level. The volume will
• explain and illustrate the second market failure phenomenon experienced in south Los Angeles and triggered by the market-based policy at the federal level and role conflict at the local government level
• report on the impact of market failure on a safety-net institutions, patients, and an underserved community
• discuss the role of a community power vacuum created by shifting demographics and political leadership
• describe lessons learned and a pathway to sustainability through a community health campus approach to urban safety-net health systems

This book introduces the reader to the fundamental and big debates in health policymaking and health care management related to the conflict between efficiency and equity. How can health policymakers and managers be efficient and yet compassionate? The discussion goes beyond traditional health policy and management books by discussing political, economic, and social theoretical foundations of these debates. Further, the book shows the impact of the big debates on real people and real communities and shows a pathway out of the failures it reports. It is an important resource to public health professionals , health managers, clinical leaders and policymakers.

Chapter 1: Intoduction
Chapter 2: Theoretical and Ideological Foundations of US Health Care Finance
Chapter 3: Evolution of US Health Care Finance Policy From 1960-1999
Chapter 4: The Second Market Failure Phenomenon
Chapter 5: Safety Nets in theTransformed Market and Policy Configurations
Chapter 6: Policy-Triggered Government Failure, Institutional, Patient and Community Outcomes
Chapter 7: Community Failure: Leadership and Power Vacuum
Chapter 8: The Role of the Affordable Care Act
Chapter 9: Lessons Learned and Self Sufficiency Through a Community Health Campus Approach

About the Authors / Editors:
David B. Tataw, PhD
Associate Professor and Chair, Graduate Program in Health Care Management. College of Saint Elizabeth, Morristown, New Jersey, USA

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