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A Functorial Model Theory
     -Cyrus F. Nourani, PhD
A Mathematical Primer of Molecular Phylogenetics
     -Xuhua Xia, PhD
Algebraic Computability and Enumeration Models
     -Cyrus F. Nourani, PhD
Algorithmic Techniques for the Polymer Sciences
     -Bradley S. Tice, PhD
Computation of Generalized Matrix Inverses and Applications
     -Ivan Stanimirović, PhD
Computational and Experimental Chemistry
     -Tanmoy Chakraborty, PhD, Michael J. Bucknum, PhD, and Eduardo A. Castro, PhD
Conceptual Data Modeling and Database Design: A Fully Algorithmic Approach
     -Christian Mancas, PhD
Economic-Mathematical Methods and Models under Uncertainty
     -A. G. Aliyev, PhD
Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
     -Kaveh Hariri Asli, PhD, Soltan Ali Ogli Aliyev, PhD
Higher Mathematics for Engineering and Technology
     -Mahir M. Sabzaliev, PhD, and Ilhama M. Sabzalieva, PhD
Linear Circuit Theory
     -Jiri Vlach, PhD
Linear Operators and Their Essential Pseudospectra
     -Aref Jeribi, PhD
Mathematical Concepts for Mechanical Engineering Design
     -Kaveh Hariri Asli, PhD, Hossein Sahleh, PhD, Soltan Ali Ogli Aliyev, PhD
Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Methods in Chemical Physics and Mechanics
     -Ali V. Aliev, DSc, and Olga. V. Mishchenkova, PhD Editor: Alexey M. Lipanov, DSc
Mathematical Population Dynamics and Epidemiology in Temporal and Spatio-Temporal Domains
     -Harkaran Singh, PhD, and Joydip Dhar, PhD
Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists Labs for Maxima
     -Seifedine Kadry, PhD, Pauly Awad
Polygonal Approximation and Scale-Space Analysis of Closed Digital Curves
     -Kumar S. Ray, PhD and Bimal Kumar Ray, PhD
QSAR and SPECTRAL-SAR in Computational Ecotoxicology
     -Mihai V. Putz, PhD
Quantum Theory
     -Mihai V. Putz, PhD
Semitopological Vector Spaces
     -Mark Burgin, PhD
Soft Computing and Its Applications (Set of 2 volumes)
     -Kumar S. Ray, PhD
Soft Computing and Its Applications: Volume 1
     -Kumar S. Ray, PhD
Soft Computing and Its Applications: Volume 2
     -Kumar S. Ray, PhD
Statistics in Fundamental Physics and Mathematics Related to Bell’s Theorem
     -J. F. Geurdes, PhD
Time and Consistent Relativity
     -Lyubomir T. Gruyitch, DSc

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