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Adolescent Mental Health
     -Editor: Areej Hassan, MD, MPH
Advances in Neuropharmacology
Allergy and Allergen Immunotherapy
     -Editor: A. B. Singh, PhD
Bioactive Compounds of Medicinal Plants
     -Editors: Megh R. Goyal, PhD, and Ademola O. Ayeleso, PhD
Cancer Cell Signaling
     -Editor: Kasirajan Ayyanathan, PhD
Childhood Adversity and Developmental Effects
     -Editor: Lisa Albers Prock, MD, MPH
Childhood Obesity
     -Rexford S. Ahima, MD, PhD
Clinical Atlas of Polysomnography
     -Ravi Gupta, MD, PhD, S. R. Pandi-Perumal, Ahmed S. BaHammam, MD, FRCP, FCCP
Clinical Nutrition
     -Leah Coles, PhD
Clinical Nutrition and Aging
     -Chad Cox, PhD
Clinical Problem Lists in the Electronic Health Record
     -Editor: Adam Wright, PhD
Current Research in Embryology
     -Sabine Globig
Diabetes Mellitus and Human Health Care
     -Editors: Anne George, MD, Robin Augustine, Mathew Sebastian, MD
Diagnostic Pelvic Ultrasound
     -Delores Jones, DMS, RT(S), RVT, RDMS
Effective Communication During Disasters
     -Girish Bobby Kapur, MD, MPH, Sarah Bezek, MD, Jonathan Dyal, MD, MPH
Electronic Health Records
     -Dean F. Sittig, PhD
Environmental Hazards and Neurodevelopment
     -Editor: Cindy Croft
Environmental Health
     -Theodore A. Myatt, ScD, and Joseph G. Allen, DSc
Epigenetics and Pathology
     -Editor: Kasirajan Ayyanathan, PhD
Epigenetics, Environment, and Genes
     -Sun Woo Kang, MD, PhD
Ethnomedicinal Plants with Therapeutic Properties
     -Editors: V. R. Mohan, PhD, A. Doss, PhD, and P. S. Tresina, PhD
Everyday Environmental Toxins
     -Editor: Areej Hassan, MD, MPH
Food Insecurity and Disease
     -Editor: Areej Hassan, MD, MPH
Food Security and Child Malnutrition
     -Editor: Areej Hassan, MD, MPH
Functional Foods
     -Leah Coles, PhD
Handbook of Research on Medicinal Chemistry
     -Editors: Debarshi Kar Mahapatra, PhD, Sanjay Kumar Bharti, PhD
Herbs for Diabetes and Neurological Disease Management
     -Editors: Vikas Kumar, PhD, and Addepalli Veeranjaneyulu, PhD
Holistic Approaches to Infectious Diseases
     -Editors: Anne George, Joshy K. S, Mathew Sebastian, MD, Oluwatobi Samuel Oluwafemi, PhD, Sabu Thomas, PhD
Holistic Healthcare, Vol 1
     -Editors:, Anne George, MD, Oluwatobi Samuel Oluwafemi, PhD, and Blessy Joseph
Editorial Board Members: Sabu Thomas, PhD, Mathew Sebastian, MD, and Raji V., PhD

Holistic Healthcare, Volume 2
     -Editors: Anne George, MD, Snigdha S. Babu, Ajithkumar M. P., PhD, Blessy Joseph, Sabu Thomas, PhD
Holistic Perspectives on Trauma
     -Editor: Lisa Albers Prock, MD, MPH
Hospitality and Health
     -Jaime A. Seba
     -Saurabh Bhatia, PhD, and Divakar Goli, PhD
Market, Government, and Community Failures in Safety Health Systems
     -David B. Tataw, PhD
Medical Tourism and Wellness
     -Editor: Frederick J. DeMicco, PhD, RD
and Drug Delivery

     -Mathew Sebastian, MD, A. K. Haghi, PhD, . . .
Nanomedicine and Cancer Therapies
     -Mathew Sebastian, MD
Nanomedicine and Tissue Engineering
     -Editors: Nandakumar Kalarikkal, PhD,
Robin Augustine,
Oluwatobi Samuel Oluwafemi, PhD, Joshy K. S., and Sabu Thomas, PhD

Natural Antioxidants
     -Editors: Rituparna Banerjee, PhD, Arun K. Verma, and Mohammed Wasim Siddiqui, PhD
Obesity Epidemiology, Pathogenesis, and Treatment
     -Rexford S. Ahima, MD, PhD
Omics in Clinical Practice
     -Editor: Yu Liu, PhD
Prenatal and Childhood Nutrition
     -Editor: Cindy Croft
Recent Advances in Plant-Based, Traditional, and Natural Medicines
     -Subramanyam Vemulpad, PhD and Joanne Jamie, PhD
Research for the Radiation Therapist
     -Editors: Caitlin Gillan, Lisa Di Prospero, Nicole Harnett and Lori Holden
SAFER Electronic Health Records
     -Editors: Dean F. Sittig, PhD, and Hardeep Singh, MD, MPH
Scientific and Technical Terms in Bioengineering and Biological Engineering
     -Megh R. Goyal, PhD, PE
Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism
     -Editor: William Olds
Statistical Methods in Psychiatry Research and SPSS
     -M. Venkataswamy Reddy, PhD
Synopsis of Sleep Medicine
     -Editor: S. R. Pandi-Perumal
The Childhood Obesity Epidemic
     -Editor: Peter D. Vash, MD, MPH
The Complexity of Adolescent Obesity
     -Editor: Peter D. Vash, MD
The Societal Burden of Child Abuse
     -Editor: Lisa Albers Prock, MD, MPH

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