Environmental Science/Climate Change & Mitigation

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Advances in Microbial Biotechnology
     -Editors: Pradeep Kumar, PhD, Jayanta K. Patra, PhD, and Pranjal Chandra, PhD
Applied Natural Science
     -Mark D. Goldfein, PhD, DSc, and Alexey V. Ivanov, PhD
Behavior of Emerging Pollutants in Constructed Wetlands
     -Alexandros I. Stefanakis, PhD
Climate Change and the Future of Sustainability
     -Editor: Muyiwa Adaramola, PhD
Climate Change and the Oceanic Carbon Cycle
     -Editor: Isabel Ferrera, PhD
Climate Dynamics in Horticultural Science (Set of 2 volumes)
     -Editors: M. L. Choudhary, V. B. Patel, Mohammed Wasim Siddiqui, S. Sheraz Mahdi, and R. B. Verma
Climate Dynamics in Horticultural Science, Volume 1
     -Editors: M. L. Choudhary, V. B. Patel, Mohammed Wasim Siddiqui, S. Shiraz Mahdi
Climate Dynamics in Horticultural Science, Volume 2
     -Editors: M. L. Choudhary, V. B. Patel, Mohammed Wasim Siddiqui, and R. B. Verma
Climate Policy
     -Editor: Gabriela Ionescu, PhD
Conservation, Tourism, and Identity of Contemporary Community Art
     -Editors: Virginia Santamarina Campos,PhD, Maria Ángeles Carabal Montagud, PhD, María de Miguel Molina, PhD, and Blanca De Miguel Molina, PhD
Constructed Subsurface Wetlands
     -Abedl Razik Ahmed Zidan, PhD, Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Hady, PhD
Ecological Resilience
     -Editor: Kimberly Etingoff
Ecological Technologies for Industrial Wastewater Management
     -Editor: Victor M. Monsalvo, PhD
Efficient Management of Wastewater from Manufacturing
     -Editor: Victor M. Monsalvo, PhD
Engineering and Technical Development for a Sustainable Environment
     -Editors: Dzaraini Kamarun, PhD, Ramlah Mohd Tajuddin, PhD, and Bulan Abdullah, PhD
Environmental Applications of Instrumental Chemical Analysis
     -Editor: Mahmood Barbooti, PhD
Environmental Chemistry
     -Harold H. Trimm, PhD, William Hunter, III
Heavy Metals and Other Pollutants in the Environment
     -Editors: Gennady E. Zaikov, DSc, Larissa I. Weisfeld, PhD, Eugene M. Lisitsyn, DSc, Sarra A. Bekuzarova, DSc
Reviewer and Advisory Board Members: Anatoly I. Opalko, PhD, Professor; and A. K. Haghi, PhD

Pollution and the Atmosphere
     -Editor: Marco Ragazzi, PhD
Recent Advances and Issues in Environmental Science
     -William Hunter III
Sewage and Landfill Leachate
     -Editor: Marco Ragazzi, PhD
Solid Waste Management
     -Editor: Elena Cristina Rada, PhD
Sustainable Cities
     -Editor: Kimberly Etingoff
Sustainable Development of Organic Agriculture
     -Editor: Kim Etingoff
Sustainable Management of Land Resources
     -Editors: G. P. Obi Reddy, PhD, N. G. Patil, PhD, and Arun Chaturvedi, PhD
The Effects of Induced Hydraulic Fracturing on the Environment
     -Matthew McBroom PhD, CF
Urban Development for the 21st Century
     -Editor: Kimberly Etingoff
Wind Resources and Future Energy Security
     -Editor: Muyiwa S. Adaramola, PhD
Wind Turbine Technology
     -Muyiwa Adaramola, PhD

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