Media & Communications

Theory and Practice

Editor: Jason R. Detrani


2011. Available now.
Pub Date: April 2011
Hardback Price: $129.95 US
Hard ISBN: 9781926692944
Pages: 306 pp. with index
Binding Type: hardcover

This title includes a number of Open Access chapters.

Journalism: Theory and Practice presents a short history of journalism and focuses on the many important issues facing the media today, including bridging the divide between science and journalism, war reporting, media coverage of natural disasters, the current difficulties facing U.S. newspapers, and more. The book also includes a history of and tribute to Edward R. Murrow, a pioneer in the field of television news broadcasting. A comprehensive overview of running a government press office is presented as well.

• A Responsible Press Office: An Insider’s Guide
• Handbook of Independent Journalism
• Edward R. Murrow: A Life
• Freedom’s Watchdog: The Press in the U.S
• Murrow: Founder of American Broadcast Journalism
• Harnessing “New” Media for Quality Reporting
• “See It Now”: Murrow vs. McCarthy
• Making the News: Jobs in TV Journalism
• Bridging the Divide Between Science and Journalism
• Reporting Iraqi Civilian Fatalities in a Time of War
• Should Health Professionals Allow Reporters Inside Hospitals and Clinics at Times of Natural Disasters?
• How Do U.S. Journalists Cover Treatments, Tests, Products, and Procedures? An Evaluation of 500 Stories
• Effective Media Communication of Disasters: Pressing Problems and Recommendations
• Research about the Mass Media and Disaster: Never (Well Hardly Ever) The Twain Shall Meet
• The U.S. Newspaper Industry in Transition
• Index

About the Authors / Editors:
Editor: Jason R. Detrani
Associate Professor of Communications/Media Arts, Broome Community College, State University of New York, Binghamton, USA

Professor Jason R. Detrani has had nearly twenty years of professional experience in the photographic and filmmaking industries, as well as in the field of higher education. He is currently the senior faculty member and Coordinator of the Communications/Media Arts Program at Broome Community College in Binghamton, New York, where he has taught introductory and advanced level courses in both theory-based and production-oriented mass communication topics. Professor Detrani was recently honored as a 2010 recipient of the State University of New York’s Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, one of the highest and most prestigious honors given by the SUNY system.

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