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Sustainable Sugarcane Production
Editors: Priyanka Singh, PhD
Ajay Kumar Tiwari, PhD

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Sustainable Sugarcane Production

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“A comprehensive repository of all aspects of scientific care management based on the practical experience and knowledge of the authors. It encompasses chapters on agro-techniques, irrigation management, nutrition, ratoon management, mechanization, molecular approaches for sugarcane genetic improvement, crop protection, sugarcane maturity, and postharvest management. The book also highlights issues related to environmental protection by the sugarcane industry. Will be extremely useful to all stakeholders connected with the sugarcane and sugar industry.”
—From the Foreword by Dr. S. Solomon, Vice-Chancellor, Chandra Shekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology, India

The sugarcane crop, one of the most important crops commercially grown in about 115 countries of the world, faces a number of problems, such as low cane productivity, biotic and abiotic stresses, high cost of cultivation, postharvest losses, and low sugar recovery. This new volume, Sustainable Sugarcane Production, addresses these issues and provides a comprehensive account of the major advancements in sugarcane research. The book is compilation of recent achievements in sugarcane development and cultivation. It covers a number of improvements made in cane and sugar yield using both conventional and new biotechnological approaches by agricultural scientists and researchers.

Topics include sustainable sugarcane cultivation, development, and management of sugarcane production, covering entomology, pathology, breeding, physiology, biotechnology, seed production, and more.

With chapters from expert researchers from internationally renowned institutes (primarily in India), the volume also presents the latest information from the literature at the international level to make it usable to many agroecological regions of the world. It will be a valuable resource for agronomists, breeders, plant physiologists, farmers, and students of agricultural sciences.

Key features
• covers the most important aspects of sustainable sugarcane production
• looks at the most recent advancements made on sugarcane development and cultivation
• presents the latest information from the literature at the international level, making it applicable worldwide
• examines a variety of aspects in sugarcane production, including soil chemistry, seed production, breeding, postharvest management, and more

1. Agronomy
2. Tissue Culture
3. Soil Chemistry
4. Seed Production
5. Pathology
6. Entomology
7. Breeding
8. Physiology/Biochemistry
9. Genetics
10. Biotechnology
11. Post-Harvest Management
12. Mechanization
13. Industrial/Biofuels/Byproducts

About the Authors / Editors:
Editors: Priyanka Singh, PhD
Scientific Officer, Uttar Pradesh Council of Sugarcane Research, Shahjahanpur, India

Ajay Kumar Tiwari, PhD
Scientific Officer and Nodal Officer (RKVY), Sugarcane Research Institute, UP Council of Sugarcane Research, Shahjahanpur, India

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