Green Chemistry for Sustainable Biofuel Production
Editor: Veera Gnaneswar Gude, PhD

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Green Chemistry for Sustainable Biofuel Production

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Green Chemistry for Sustainable Biofuel Production is first of its kind emphasizing the green chemistry and green engineering principles for sustainable process development. It creates an enriching knowledge base on green chemistry of biofuel production, sustainable process development, and green engineering principles for renewable fuel production. A variety of biofuels can be produced from various biomass feedstocks. These biofuels include biodiesel, bioethanol, biogas, and bioelectricity. Resource and energy efficient biofuel production involves green chemistry principles promoted by green catalysis and process intensification using microwaves and ultrasound. Ionic liquids can be used to increase the environmental friendliness of the biofuel production process. Waste to energy technologies, especially wastewater treatment as a potential biofuel energy alternative through bioelectrochemical and other processes, will be discussed in this book.

Recent advances and updates on biofuel synthesis and developments in sustainable processes will be thoroughly discussed in this book, including the environmental assessment and life cycle and economic analyses of sustainable biofuel production. Eminent scholars have written chapters that will serve as a valuable resource for novice researchers as well as practicing and experienced professionals in biofuel research and industrial sectors.

The book offers scientific experimental methods and analytical procedures and interpretation of the results that will ensure capturing the state-of-the-art knowledge in the literature and future trends in this area. The book covers a wide range of topics in order to serve as a single source of knowledge for academicians, researchers, and industrial practitioners and scientists, and engineers in various renewable energy fields.

Key features:
• Emphasis the green chemistry and green engineering principles for sustainable process development for biofuel production.
• Discusses a wide array of biofuels from algal biomass to waste-to-energy technologies and waste water treatment and activated sludge processes
• Presents advances and developments in biofuel green chemistry and green engineering including process intensification (microwaves/ultrasound), ionic liquids and green catalysis
• Looks at environmental assessment and life cycle and economic analyzes on biofuel production

Tentative Contents
Chapter 1 – Review of green chemistry and green engineering principles for biofuel production
Chapter 2 – Biofuel feedstock: challenges and opportunities
Chapter 3 – Advances in green catalysis and extraction processes for biodiesel production
Chapter 4 – Process intensification and parametric optimization in biofuel synthesis
Chapter 5 – Algal and microbial biofuels (biodiesel, biogas, and bioethanol) using thermochemical processes
Chapter 6 – Waste valorization via biochemical and thermochemical processes
Chapter 7 – Ionic liquids and solvent-free reactions in biofuel production
Chapter 8 – Bioenergy from activated sludge and wastewater treatment
Chapter 9 – Thermocatalytic processes for biomass valorization
Chapter 10 – Novel biorefinery concepts and scale-up issues in biofuel production
Chapter 11 – Energy balance/efficiency and economic analysis of biofuel production
Chapter 12 – Life-cycle assessment and impacts of biofuels production

About the Authors / Editors:
Editor: Veera Gnaneswar Gude, PhD
Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mississippi State University, Mississippi, USA
Veera Gnaneswar Gude, PhD, is currently Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Mississippi State University. He has published over 100 scientific research articles on biofuels production using nonconventional techniques such as microwaves and ultrasound, desalination, and water and wastewater treatment areas, which include highly regarded journal publications, peer-reviewed book chapters, conference proceedings, and technical reports. He is the editor/editorial board member for five international scientific journals in the areas of biofuels, energy engineering and science and desalination, including Renewable Energy and Resource Efficient Technologies. He has written five invited book chapters and a review article with specific focus on microwave mediated biodiesel production,and sustainable and green chemistry principles of biodiesel production. He holds two patents in biofuels and desalination areas respectively and three other patent applications are under review. His research over the past 10 years has resulted in national and international recognition and industry collaborations. He was the lead guest editor for the Journal of Chemistry. He is also a guest editor for Sustainability journal on the topic of “Sustainable Biofuel Production”.

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