Gateway to Condensed Matter Physics and Related Interdisciplinary Problems
Ranjan Chaudhury, PhD

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Gateway to Condensed Matter Physics and Related Interdisciplinary Problems

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This forthcoming book will provide necessary background material and bring into focus the fundamental concepts essential for advanced research in theoretical condensed matter physics and its interface with molecular biophysics.

The book will
• Introduce a new way of looking at various important and fundamental phenomena in condensed matter from the perspective of microscopic theory • Explore a new interface of quantum condensed matter physics and molecular biophysics, highlighting research potentialities.
• Address the crucial questions surrounding these phenomena when they are mutually coexisting or competing in real condensed matter systems or materials, from both theoretical and experimental angles
• Deal with biological molecules and some of their properties and processes with reference to real living systems and discusses the modeling of these with the help of condensed matter physics and statistical physics for investigative studies and proper understanding
• Emphasize fundamental concepts, particularly in condensed matter physics and making proper use of them attempts to take one to the frontiers of basic research.

The book will be unique because it hopes to provide an insight into the microscopics of some of the fundamental phenomena in condensed matter physics and their interrelations. It also attempts to bridge the apparently unconnected fields of molecular biophysics and condensed matter physics.

Tentative contents
Chapter 1 : Introduction to Electronic Properties of Solids: Band Rheory and Consequences
Chapter 2: Magnetism
Chapter 3 : Lattice Dynamics, Phonons and Applications to Optical Properties of Solids
Chapter 4: Electrons in Solids and Surface States
Chapter 5: Superconductivity
Chapter 6: DNA Problems from Condensed Matter Physics Perspective

About the Authors / Editors:
Ranjan Chaudhury, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Condensed Matter Physics and Material Sciences, S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, India

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