Polymer Science

Functional Polymers
Design, Synthesis, and Applications

Editor: Raja Shunmugam

Functional Polymers

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Pub Date: May 2017
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In recent years, large numbers of polymerization techniques have been reported on. Though some functional monomers give direct polymerization, it’s always a challenge to polymerize the different functional monomers. Nowadays, the most challenging task for the researcher is not only to synthesize polymers in laboratories using different techniques of functional groups but also to synthesize those polymers on the industrial scale with their application. This book provides the solution this problem.

This new book covers the synthetic as well application aspects of functional polymers. It highlights modern trends in the field and showcases the recent characterization techniques that are being employed in the field of polymer science. The chapters are written by top-notch scientists who are internationally recognized in the field. The chapters will highlight the modern trend in the field.

The book covers various synthetic methodologies for making functional polymers, such as, for example, the ATRP, RAFT, and ROMP techniques. The synthesis of a new class of monomers and its polymerization followed by a thorough characterization by modern techniques is discussed as well as the self-assembled structures from newly developed functional polymers. Finally, the application of these polymers in the biomedical and electronic fields are presented in detail.

Functional Polymers: Design, Synthesis, and Applications will be useful for the chemists with no background of polymer and recent cutting-edge research and will be useful as a classroom text at the collegiate level.

Part I: Controlled/Living Polymerizations of Functional Monomers
1. Synthesis of Functional Polymers of Polar and Non Polar Monomers by Living and/or Controlled Polymerization
Sumana Roy Chowdhury and Swaminathan Sivaram
2. Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization: A Key Tool Towards the Design and Synthesis of Functional Polymers
Venkatanarasimhan Swarnalatha, Mukundamurthy Kannan, and Raghavachari Dhamodharan
3. Synthesis of Chain End Functional Polymers by Living Cationic Polymerization Method
Sanjib Banerjee, Badri Nath Jha, Rajeev Kumar, Binoy Maiti, Ujjal Haldar, and Priyadarsi De

Part II: Advanced Synthetic Strategies for Making Biodegradable Functional Materials
4. Structural Diversity in Synthetic Polypeptides by Ring Opening Polymerization of N-Carboxy Anhydrides
Dipankar Basak and Suhrit Ghosh
5. Enzymatic and Biomimetic Approaches to the Synthesis of Electrically Conducting Polymers
Subhalakshmi Nagarajan, Jayant Kumar, and Ramaswamy Nagarajan
6. Thermoreversible Ion Gels from Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Brushes Diblock CoPolymers
Chi Thanh Nguyen, Prashant Deshmukh, Xiaorui Chen, Sergio Granados-Focil, and Rajeswari M Kasi
7. Maleimide Containing Thiol-Reactive Polymers: Synthesis and Functionalization
Mehmet Arslan, Tugce Nihal Gevrek, and Amitav Sanyal

Part III: Application of Functional Materials
8. Metal-Containing Conjugated Polymers: Photovoltaic and Transistor Properties
Anjan Bedi and Sanjio S. Zade
9. Polymer Resist Technology in Lithography
Ramakrishnan Ayothi and Brian Osborn
10. Polynorbornene-Based Sensors for “In-Field” Heavy Metal and Nerve Agent Sensing Applications
Santu Sarkar, Sourav Bhattacharya, and Raja Shunmugam

About the Authors / Editors:
Editor: Raja Shunmugam
Associate Professor and Ramanujan Fellow, Polymer Research Centre, Department of Chemical Sciences, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Raja Shunmugam, PhD, is an Associate Professor and Ramanujan Fellow at the Polymer Research Centre, Department of Chemical Sciences, at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata, West Bengal, India. He is also a Ramanujan Fellow of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Dr. Sunmugam has written a number of articles published in international journals and holds several patents. He has been an invited presenter at several international conferences. He performed his postdoctoral work at the Polymer Science and Engineering Department at UMass Amherst, Massachusetts, USA.

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