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Floriculture Research Reviews
Editors: M. A. A. Siddique
Khalid Rehman Kakeem, PhD
Nazir Hasan Masoodi, PhD
Mohmad Ramzan Mir, PhD

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Floriculture Research Reviews

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The global floriculture industry has been shifting from traditional to commercial orientation over the past decade. The revitalized economy and new technology have given an impetus to entrepreneurs for establishing export-oriented floriculture units under controlled climate conditions. Considering the potential, this sector is generating income and employment opportunities, promoting greater involvement of women and the greater export of cut flowers. During the 1990s, increasing demands for flowers in the world market, coupled with production technology available abroad for highly sought flowers, encouraged growth in this sector.

This new book will be a valuable compilation of the latest research work and areas of improvement in floriculture today. It will also look at the role of plants in stabilizing the environment and the use of scientific knowledge through research that has changed the perspective of modern floriculture.

1. Introduction to Floriculture and the Latest Research
2. Floriculture Around the Globe
3. Ornamental Plants in Stabilizing the Environment
4. Response of Photoperiodism in Ornamental Plants
5. Physiological Disorders and Their Management in Cut Flowers
6. Impact of Disbudding on Ornamentals
7. Mass Propagation of Bulbous Plants
8. Pruning and Training in Ornamental Plants
9. Molecular Biology of Ornamental Plants

About the Authors / Editors:
Editors: M. A. A. Siddique
Associate Director Extension, SKUAST-Kashmir, Shalimar, Srinagar, India

Khalid Rehman Kakeem, PhD
Fellow Researcher, Faculty of Forestry, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Selangor, Malaysia

Nazir Hasan Masoodi, PhD
Assistant Professor, Division of FMAP, SKUAST-Kashmir, Shalimar, Srinagar, India

Mohmad Ramzan Mir, PhD
Department of Botany, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, UP, India

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