Energy Science

Flexible Kalina Cycle Systems
Tangellapalli Srinivas, PhD
N. Shankar Ganesh, PhD
R. Shankar

Flexible Kalina Cycle Systems

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Pub Date: Oct 2018
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Hard ISBN: 9781771887137
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This new book, Flexible Kalina Cycle Systems, provides a good understanding of the binary fluid system, highlighting new dimensions of the existing Kalina cycle system, a thermodynamic process for converting thermal energy into usable mechanical power. The volume illustrates that providing new flexibility leads to new research outcomes and possible new projects in this field.

The information provided in the book simplifies the application of Kalina cycle system with an easy-to-understand and thorough explanation of properties development, processes solutions, sub-system work, and total system work. There are currently no books available in the area of binary fluid system in the field of KCS with added fallibility in the operation and process design. Currently decentralized power systems are gaining more attention due to shortages in power, and cooling demands are competing with other electrical loads.

This book fills a valuable information gap, providing insight into a new dimension for designers, practicing engineers, and academicians in this area.

1. Introduction

2. History of Developments

3. Basic Thermodynamics

4. Thermodynamic Properties of Ammonia-Water Mixture

5. Binary Mixture Thermodynamic Processes

6. Kalina Cycle System with Low Temperature Heat Recovery

7. Kalina Cycle System with Intermediate Temperature Heat Recovery

8. Kalina Cycle System with High Temperature Heat Recovery

9. Cooling Cogeneration


About the Authors / Editors:
Tangellapalli Srinivas, PhD
Professor, CO2 Research and Green Technologies Centre, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, India

Tangellapalli Srinivas, PhD, is a Professor at the CO2 Research and Green Technologies Centre of the School of Mechanical Engineering at Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, India. He previously worked at the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada, as postdoctoral fellow. Dr. Srinivas has published 170 research papers in various international and national journals as well as conference proceedings. He has contributed six book chapters in the area of energy efficiency and integrated systems and has published two full books, titled Flexible Kalina Cycle Systems and Desalination and Cooling Integration. He has also published a patent on a combined power and cooling system and has filed two patents on trigeneration and single axis self-tracker. He has completed two funded projects in vapor power and trigeneration systems, respectively with SERB and CSIR, India. His research area includes power free solar trackers, hybrid solar-biomass systems, polygeneration, conducting exergy scrutinizing, heat recovery options in cement factory, desalination, solar cooling, advanced combined cycle systems, and ORC and KCS plants. Dr. Srinivas has 17 years of teaching experience and has guided four PhD scholars. He worked in the machine tools industry in the field of production and quality control for four years. Dr. Srinivas received his MTech (Thermal Engineering) and his PhD in Advanced combined power cycles from JNTUH College of Engineering Hyderabad in 2002 and 2008 respectively. He secured a university first rank in MTech program and was the overall branch topper during the diploma programs. He received an outstanding scientist award (VIFRA) in 2015 from Venus International Foundation, India.

N. Shankar Ganesh, PhD
Professor, Kingston Engineering College, Vellore, India

N. Shankar Ganesh, PhD, is a Professor at Kingston Engineering College, Vellore, India. He received his MTech degree in Energy Systems Engineering and a PhD in Power Generation Cycles from Vellore Institute of Technology. He has published 30 research papers in various international and national journals as well as conference proceedings. His research areas include processes simulations for advanced combined cycle power plants, modelling of heat recovery steam generators, and solar thermal power technology.

R. Shankar
Senior Research Fellow

Mr. R. Shankar is working as senior research fellow on various funded projects.

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