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Emerging Trends of Plant Physiology for Sustainable Crop Production
Editors: Zafar Abbas, PhD
Ajay Kumar Tiwari, PhD
Pradeep Kumar, PhD

Emerging Trends of Plant Physiology for Sustainable Crop Production

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Pub Date: February 2018
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Hard ISBN: 9781771886369
E-Book ISBN: 9781315101224
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Binding Type: hardback
Notes: 19 color and 28 b/w illustrations

Plant physiology is now considered as an essential ingredient for improving crop productivity, a continuing necessity with today’s ever-increasing world population. This new volume provides an understanding of the physiological basis of the various plant processes and their underlying mechanisms under fluctuating environments, which is of great importance for sustainable crop production.

Further advances in cellular and molecular biology hold promise to modify physiological processes, thereby improving the quality and quantity of major food crops and ensuring stability in yield of the produce even under severe abiotic stress. This book covers the latest information on the physiological basis of plant productivity, including abiotic stress adaptation and management, plant nutrition, climate change and plant productivity, transgenic and functional genomics, and plant growth regulators and their applications.

The chapters in this volume tackle some of these key issues of sustainable plant production and evolve future strategies in overcoming challenges faced by the agricultural sector as a whole. The topics covered in this book present important from reputed research scientists. This volume is a rich source of information in one place. It will be a useful resource for researchers and extension workers involved in plant physiology and related disciplines.

Key features:

  • Provides the latest information on developments in plant physiology
  • Covers abiotic and biotic stress on economically important crop species
  • Presents a detailed collection of biotechnological approaches in plant physiology
  • Covers plant growth regulators, secondary metabolites, germination, crop growth and development of different crop species
  • Provides research from experts at internationally renowned institutes


1. Potato Physiology in Relation to Crop Yield
Brajesh Singh, Maharishi Tomar, Som Dutt, Pinky Raigond, and B. P. Singh

2. Phytochrome: Physiology, Molecular Aspects and Sustainable Crop Production
Bandana Bose, Bhawna Pant, Rajesh K. Singhal , Mahesh Kumar, and Sananda Mondal

3. Signal Transduction in Plant with Response to Heavy Metals Toxicity: An Overview
Prasann Kumar

4. Vegetable Oil and Its Significance in Sustainable Development
A. Hasnat

5. SnRK1 (Sucrose Non Fermenting 1-Related Kinase 1): A Key Player of Plant Signal Transduction
Bhavin S. Bhatt, Fenisha D. Chahwala, B. Singh, and Achuit K. Singh

6. B-Vitamins in Relation to Sustainable Crop Productivity in Crop Plants
Anoop Kumar, Dildar Husain, Jagjeet Singh, Satya Pal Verma, and Zafar Abbas

7. Mechanisms of Metalloid Uptake, Transport, Toxicity, and Tolerance in Plants
Pallavi Sharma, Vineet Srivastava, Amit Kumar Gautam, Anisha Rupashree, Rajani Singh, Sanchita Abhijita, Satish Kumar, Ambuj Bhushan Jha, and Amarendra N. Misra

8. Morpho-Physiological Responses of Wheat Genotypes under High-Temperature Stress
Sharad K. Dwivedi, Santosh Kumar, and K. K. Rao

9. Control of Micro RNA Biogenesis and Action in Plants
Mohd. Zahid Rizvi

10. Mineral Nutrition in Plants and Its Management in Soil
Aneg Singh and A K Tiwari

11. Supermolecular Organization of Photosynthetic Complexes in Arabidopsis
Mohammed Sabar, Alexandre Maréchal, David Joly, Sridharan Govindachary, Eric Bonneil, Pierre Thibaut, Robert Carpentier, and Normand Brisson

12. Methods to Improve Germination in Sugarcane
S. P. Singh, Priyanka Singh, and B. L. Sharma

13. Secondary Metabolites: The Plant Physiological Tale of Stress Response
R. K. Upadhyay

14. Effect of Wastewater Irrigation on Crop Health in the Indian Agricultural Scenario
Abhijit Sarkar, Sujit Das, Vaibhav Srivastava, Pooja Singh, and Rajeev Pratap Singh


About the Authors / Editors:
Editors: Zafar Abbas, PhD
Senior Associate Professor and Chairman, P. G. Department of Botany, G. F. College (M. J. P. Rohilkhand University), Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Zafar Abbas, PhD, is a Senior Associate Professor and Chairman in the P. G. Department of Botany at G. F. College (M. J. P. Rohilkhand University) in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. He has 40 years of research experience in plant and crop physiology, with a specialization in plant nutrition. He has attended several national and international seminars and conferences. At present, eight PhD students have completed their doctorate degrees under his supervision. Dr. Abbas is life member and member of editorial boards of several Indian and foreign journals and societies, and he has authored a book and has published over 30 articles.

Ajay Kumar Tiwari, PhD
Scientific Officer, UP Council of Sugarcane Research, Shahjahnapur, UP, India

Ajay K. Tiwari, PhD, is a Scientific Officer at the UP Council of Sugarcane Research, Shahjahnapur, UP, India. He has published 70 research articles, nine review articles in national and international journals, several book chapters in edited books, has also authored of several edited books published by Springer, Taylor and Francis and others. He has submitted more than 150 nucleotide sequences of plant pathogens to GenBank. He is a regular reviewer of many international journals as well as an editorial board member. He is Managing Editor of the journal Sugar Tech and Chief Editor of the journal Agrica. He has received several young researcher awards and was nominated for the Narshiman Award by the Indian Phytopathological Society, India. Dr. Tiwari is also the recipient of many international travel awards given by governmental agencies in India and others. He has visited Belgium, Brazil, China, Italy, Germany, and Thailand for conferences and workshops and has delivered several invited talk at Oman University for PhD students on phytoplasma disease diagnosis and management. Dr. Tiwari has been involved in the research on molecular characterization and management of agricultural plant pathogens for the last nine years. Currently he is working on molecular characterization of sugarcane phytoplasma and their secondary spread in nature. He is a regular member of several professional organizations, including the British Society of Plant Pathology, Indian Phytopathological Society, Sugarcane Technologists Association of India, International Society of Sugarcane Technologists, Society of Sugarcane Research and Promotion, and others. Dr. Tiwari earned his PhD from CCS University, Meerut, UP, India.

Pradeep Kumar, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Forestry, North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (Deemed University-MHRD), Nirjuli (Itanagar), Arunachal Pradesh, India

Pradeep Kumar, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Forestry, North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (Deemed University-MHRD) (NERIST), Nirjuli (Itanagar), Arunachal Pradesh, India. Before joining NERIST, Dr. Kumar worked as a Research Professor in the Department of Biotechnology at Yeungnam University, South Korea. He was a postdoctorate researcher in the Department of Biotechnology Engineering at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beersheba, Israel, and awarded a PBC Outstanding PostDoc Fellowship for more than three years. His area of research and expertise are wide, including plant pathology, bacterial genetics, insect-pest biocontrol, gene expression of cry genes, plant-microbe interaction, and molecular breeding. He has been honored with an international travel grant from Ben Gurion University of Negev, Israel, to attend an international conference. He is the recipient of a best paper presentation award as well as the Narasimhan Award from the Indian Phytopathological Society, India. He presented several oral and poster presentations at the various national and international conferences. He has published one book and has published more than 40 research articles, including original research papers in peer-reviewed journals and several book chapters with international publishers, including Springer, CABI, Bentham, and Apple Academic Press. He provides his service to many journals as an editorial board member, technical editor, and peer reviewer.

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