Advances in Neuropharmacology
Drugs and Therapeutics

Editors: Md. Sahab Uddin, BPharm
Mamunur Rashid, PhD

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Advances in Neuropharmacology

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May 2017


This new volume plans to provide a comprehensive overview of the drugs that act on the central and peripheral nervous system. It will describe the nervous system associated diseases and their treatment as well as current status and future opportunities and challenges.

The editor explains that there are few excellent brief books on neuropharmacology. Therefore, he aims to fill this void by providing an easy-to-understand volume that deals with drugs affecting the nervous system at a more advanced level that will be accessible to upper-level students, faculty, and researchers.

Topics planned for the volume include:

Introduction to Neuropharmacology
Neurochemistry of Neurochemicals
Cholinergic Agonists
Cholinergic Antagonists
Adrenergic Agonists
Adrenergic Antagonists
Drugs Used in the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
Drugs Used in the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease
Drugs Used in the Treatment of Huntington’s Disease
Drugs Used in the Treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Sedative and Hypnotic Drugs
Local Anesthetics
General Anesthetics
Skeletal Muscle Relaxants
Antimanic Drugs
Central Nervous System Stimulants
Cognition Enhancers
Antipsychotic Drugs
Antianxiety Drugs
Antiseizure Drugs
Therapeutic Gases: Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitric Oxide, and Helium
Alcohols and their Antagonists
Opioid Analgesics and Antagonists
Drugs of Addiction and Abuse

There is no fee for inclusion of a chapter. Author(s) interested in this theme may submit a short proposal (include title, authors’ names and contact information, summary, keywords) of the chapter by email to book’s editor by October 30, 2017. If your chapter proposal is accepted, the deadline for manuscript submission will be
December 30, 2017. Authors who cannot meet this deadline of submission can indicate the proposed date of submission for consideration. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT COPYRIGHTED ARTICLES that have been published either in print or online.

For manuscripts, we require an e-copy of full chapter submitted in Word on a letter-sized paper with no line numbering, a line spacing of 1.5, Times New Roman 11-point font size, margins top/bottom of 1”, margins left/right of 1.25”, and editable equations using an equation editor in WORD2010. A typical chapter will include the title, author(s) with affiliation/email/mailing address, introduction, literature review if applicable, theoretical approach if applicable, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusions, summary, detailed list of keywords, references using numbering system and alphabetical order, any appendix, etc. Also, we prefer a numbering system for citations in the body of a chapter. Tables and figures should be included in the text at right place just after their citation. Specialized chapters need not follow this format.

Send chapter proposals to:
Editor: Md. Sahab Uddin,
Department of Pharmacy, Southeast University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Email: or

About the Authors / Editors:
Editors: Md. Sahab Uddin, BPharm
Department of Pharmacy, Southeast University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Md. Sahab Uddin is a registered pharmacist and research scholar in the Department of Pharmacy at Southeast University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has published 35 articles in peer-reviewed international scientific journals in the research field of neuropsychopharmacology and pharmacy. He has developed Matching Capacity, Dissimilarity Identification and Sense Making tests for the estimation of memory, attention, and cognition, respectively in humans. He has also established Numeral Finding and Typo Revealing tests for the determination of attention in humans.

He has published a number of book chapters and authored three books: Pharmakon Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Pharmacology; Tools of Pharmacy: Getting Familiar with the Regular Terms, Words and Abbreviations; and Quality Control of Pharmaceuticals: Compendial Standards and Specifications.

Md. Sahab Uddin’s interests include neurochemistry that examines how neurochemicals influence the network of neural operation. He has a great interest in analyzing the manipulation of neuronal communication by neurochemicals to manage Alzheimer’s disease.

Mamunur Rashid, PhD
Professor, Department of Pharmacy, University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Mamunur Rashid, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi, Bangladesh, where he also served as Chairman of the department. Dr. Rashid previously worked as a visiting scientist at the Department of Pharmacology, Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences, Japan. He was also the Chairman of the Department of Pharmacy, Southeast University, Bangladesh.

Dr. Rashid is a member of Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Society (BPS). He also works for the development of the pharmaceutical sector in Bangladesh. He has made a vast contribution to the promotion of pharmacy education and the pharmacy profession to create better opportunities for the Bangladeshi pharmacists. He is one of the pioneers who are working with the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association (CPA) and Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Society (BPS) to develop the hospital and community pharmacy in Bangladesh.

To date, Dr. Rashid has published 75 research publications and 23 abstracts in conference proceedings. He is a reviewer for several international peer-reviewed journals. He supervised the research of many PhD, MPhil and MPharm students. He also participated in numerous local and international conferences and seminars.

His research fields of interest are pharmacology, neuropharmacology, molecular biology, and cardiology. He is an expert in all molecular and cellular biology techniques, including DNA and RNA isolation and purification, molecular cloning and site-directed mutagenesis, DNA transfections in the mammalian cell and membrane preparations, DNA sequencing analysis, recombinant protein expression in prokaryotic system, endonuclease digestion and restriction mapping, cell culture and preparation of cell lysate, signaling pathway, Southern/Northern/Western detection, histological and immunostaining assay, and echocardiographic study.

Dr. Rashid obtained his Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) and Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) degrees from the University of Dhaka. He completed his PhD degree from the Department of Pharmacology, Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences, Japan with a Japanese Government Scholarship. After completion of PhD, he was awarded as JSPS (Japan Society for Promotion of Science) postdoctoral research fellowship at the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan.

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