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The editors of forthcoming book series on Food Toxicology are pleased to invite you and members of your working group and your colleagues to submit a chapter for this book series, to be published by Apple Academic Press, USA (AAP). The objective of this book series is to offer academia, government, regulatory agencies, the industry, and consumers new knowledge on this multifaceted field. Advances in the science of food toxicology cannot be understated. With more than six billion people worldwide and counting, modern advances in the science of food toxicology have a direct bearing on food safety issues that are of concern to all of humanity. Massive globalization, industrialization, and commercialization have affected every aspect of food production, food supply chains, and food consumption. The challenge of sustainable and safe food for everyone needs multidisciplinary and multi-sectorial approaches and across different sectors of the industry and the government alike, all the while keeping the major emphasis on the consumer safety.

You are requested to contribute in this very important mission by contributing in the following areas (but not limited to) of food toxicology and/or food safety:
1. Regulatory aspects.
2. Environmental food toxicants and environmental contaminants in food.
3. Heavy metal toxicity in foods.
4. Risk assessment/risk appraisal of food toxicants.
5. Risk communication in food toxicology.
6. Biomarkers in food toxicology.
7. Biochemical toxicology in food.
8. Food toxicity/toxicants testing models.
9. Quantitative/qualitative assessment of food toxicants.
10. Exposure assessment methods/exposure measurements.
11. Nanomaterials in food safety/toxicity.
12. Pharmacokinetic/toxicokinetic aspects of food toxicants/food safety.
13. Computational/mathematical toxicology tools and databases in food safety assessment.
14. Toxicology of food additives.
15. Metabolomics in food toxicology/safety.
16. Nutritional aspects of food toxicology.

This book series, in short, will explore and convey the key concepts on Food Toxicology: Current Advances and Future Challenges.

There is no fee for inclusion of a chapter. Authors may submit a short proposal (title, authors’ names and contact information, summary, keywords) of the chapter by email to before December 31, 2015. The deadline for manuscript submission is April 15, 2016. Authors who cannot meet this deadline of submission of full chapter should indicate their proposed date of submission for consideration.

PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT COPYRIGHTED ARTICLES that have been published unless you have reprint permission from the original publisher. OPEN SOURCE articles can be evaluated.

Manuscript preparation. We require an e-copy of the full chapter submitted in Word on a letter-sized paper with no line numbering, a line spacing of 1.5, Times New Roman 11-point font size, 1” margins on top/bottom, margins left/right of 1.25”, and editable equations with an equation editor in Word 2010. A typical chapter will include the title, authors’ names with affiliation/email/mailing address, introduction, literature review (if applicable), theoretical approach (if applicable), materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusions, summary, detailed list of keywords, references using numbering system and alphabetical order, any appendix, etc. Also, we prefer a numbering system for citations in the body of a chapter. Specialized chapters or review chapters need not follow this format.

My team and I expect to work with you closely. We can assure you the best quality production. AAP takes care of all processes from editing to marketing at no charge to authors/editors. All contributing authors will receive a pdf copy of the volume that includes their chapter.

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